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Preparation & Use

NanoVM 1-3, 4-8 and 9-18 years

Directions for Use


Suggest to take 2 unpacked, level scoops of powder per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  1. Invert bottle several times to mix powder
  2. Open bottle and measure 1 level scoop of powder (do not pack powder)
  3. Mix powder into moist foods or thickened liquids
  4. If daily dose is more than 1 scoop, repeat steps 2 and 3

Helpful Hints

  • If 1 level scoop is too much for the serving size of food, try dosing the powder in equal amounts throughout the day.
  • NanoVM is best suited for semisolid and soft textured foods such as (puddings, purees, yogurt, gelatin desserts…)
  • NanoVM is best added to thick fluids (milkshake consistency) as the bead lets of NanoVM are supported within the solution.
  • Adding NanoVM to thin liquids is not advised. NanoVM sinks or sticks to the side of a cup thus inhibiting full consumption of a serving.
  • NanoVM can be mixed into foods and then frozen (eg: popsicles, ice-cream)

NanoVM t/f

Directions for Use


Daily intake to be determined by a healthcare professional. Only add NanoVM t/f to formula at feeding time.

  1. See table below for serving volumes and measure the desired amount of NanoVM t/f powder.
  2. Add 1-2 fl.oz. of formula (room temperature or cold) to the powder and stir well.
  3. Add remainder of formula and stir or shake until powder is fully dissolved.
  4. Stir or agitate tube feeding mixture if NanoVM t/f separates from formula during feeding.
  5. NanoVM t/f powder and formula mixture should be used within 4 hours.

Age (years)

NanoVM t/f Powder*

≈ % DRI**


¾ scoop (4.0 g)



1 scoop (5.4 g)



1 ½ scoops (8 g)



2 scoops (10.8 g)


*Unpacked, level scoops
**Dietary Reference Intakes
Some nutrients fall outside the % DRI noted in the table above.


Helpful Hints

  • 1 scoop = 5.4 g
  • Suggested Ratio: 1 scoop powder to 4 fl. oz. prepared formula.
  • Do not heat formula and NanoVM mixture.


Please consult our website for more detailed recipe ideas

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